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After spending two decades  in telecommunications industry, Penaia Narasia realized his vision to connect every Fijian to High Speed Internet Services by setting up a unique telecommunications company called Global Cloud Solutions Pte Limited [GCS]  which works independent of any existing shared telecommunication infrastructure.

Given the geographical topology of Fiji Islands, rugged terrains, scattered islands, tropical weather coupled with political history of past made internet penetration really difficult for Fiji interns of long term capital projects. 

However, his dream came to reality when he partnered up with Kacific Broadband Satellites with its cutting edge HTS Satellite Kacific1 to deliver High speed internet services to Fiji Islands

With this partnership GCS has now launched 10 exciting Satellite internet plans  that fits  budgets of all sizes. 

Technically , all the telecommunication operators in Fiji rely upon common international Gateway. GCS has now introduced a new breed of services that mitigates risk of single point of failures in corporate communication infrastructure, hence our plans form an integral part of corporate disaster recovery and business continuity strategy. 

GCS once again is 100% Fijian owned company.

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